Nationwide Audit of Cleft Care

This study has gone through ethics approval and will among other things look at

    • Incidence of cleft – with different variables like ethnicity
    • Burden of care – which means the number of visits and surgeries required in the first 5 years
    • Speech Language Assessment of all 5 year olds  (a modified GossPass assesment if you are interested)
    • An orthodontic assessment of dental arch for 9 year olds (Goslon yardstick and Bauru Index)
    • An assessment of the quality of the alveolar bone graft
    • And an initial assessment from an oral health perspective on quality of life outcomes.



Cleft NZ would like to thank Peter Fowler and all the cleft units for taking the initiative to run this research. It will help to give a clear picture of what happens for our children and how this impacts upon our lives as families generally. It is a great way to assess how we are doing and the outcomes of the interventions we have.

If you have recently moved and would like to participate, please contact your closest Cleft Unit to update your details. It is a chance to use our experience to help our professionals do an even better job.