What if New Zealand had no support for people affected by Cleft?

How much harder would the cleft journey be without an organisation like Cleft New Zealand?

No 0800 line, no face-to-face support, no coffee groups, no email support, no help with challenging medical decisions, no awareness days, no camps.

Unless you act now, this reality is just weeks away.

Kia ora,

You are a member of Cleft New Zealand Incorporated. In addition to being a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, we also are an incorporated society under the Societies Act 1908. This means that all those who have dealings with us are members of our society, which provides entitlement to vote and provide input on matters affecting the organisation. Under New Zealand law, I am also obligated to inform all members of significant changes affecting the organisation.

As I advised via email and website notices published on Saturday 6 June 2015, following the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 26 May 2015, there have been some important governance changes within the organisation which directly affect the services Cleft New Zealand provide. First, after three years as the organisation’s Chairperson, it is with regret that the quorum has accepted the resignation of Louise Ayrey from this role after a period of exceptional service. Second, the organisation has accepted with regret the resignations of Rachael Byles (Deputy Chairperson) and John Hellesoe (Executive Officer) after two years of loyal service. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Louise, Rachael and John for their contribution to the organisation in these roles and wish them well with their future endeavours. Louise will continue to be involved with the cleft community through her role in the Cleft Research Project with the University of Auckland.

Under the constitution of our organisation and to comply with New Zealand law, the board must have a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Treasurer at all times.

In June, I called for expressions of interest for the roles of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, as well as a third role of Board Secretary. We did not receive the minimum required number of applications to proceed with the recruitment process. To satisfy our constitutional requirements, the quorum on Tues 26 May elected Louise Ayrey as Acting Chairperson and myself as Acting Deputy Chairperson during this transition which ends on 31 August 2015. Ian Jensen will retain the Treasurer position for the 2015/16 year.

The time period for Cleft New Zealand’s Chief Executive Officer to oversee this process lapses on 31 August 2015. After this time, the Department of Internal Affairs is within their right to replace the management and governance team with a commissioner who will likely have no background or expertise in working with individuals and families affected by cleft and will have the power to change the direction of the organisation without consultation.

This is your opportunity to be involved with Cleft NZ and make your mark on an organisation dedicated to serving all those in our country affected by cleft lip and/or palate. These positions are available to members of the organisation and members of the public aged 18 and over. These positions are open to people residing anywhere in New Zealand. Reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed (more info in position descriptions). New Zealand Permanent Residency/New Zealand Citizenship is required to be offered a position on our board.

If you personally do not think you are suited to this role, please share this with someone who you believe is – it could be a friend, extended family member or other member of the community.
Please see below for further information and to apply.

Information Pack – Chairperson Role
Information Pack – Deputy Chairperson Role
Information Pack – Board Secretary Role

To be considered for any of the roles, please send expressions of interest to the Chief Executive Officer, by emailing kenny@wptst.cleft.org.nz. For Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson positions, please include a short cover letter outlining why you believe you would be a good fit for the role.

If you have any questions surrounding the Chairperson roles, please feel free to contact the Acting Chairperson, Louise Ayrey, by emailing louise@wptst.cleft.org.nz.

Applications for all positions close Friday 28 August at 5pm. Please send applications via email to kenny@wptst.cleft.org.nz. Queries surrounding the application process should be directed to myself.

Kenny Ardouin
Chief Executive Officer (General Manager)
Cleft New Zealand
Te Manatopu Ngutu Riwha o Aotearoa
kenny@wptst.cleft.org.nz | 021 414 099