Our new look

We believed it was time to stand back and take a look at the way we view the kind of future we want for upcoming generations of New Zealand children and teens born with cleft. We wanted to bring a fresh new optimism and outlook to how we present our organisation to our children, families, teens and adults, and to the larger community.

Facing the challenges and opportunities with a light heart seems to reflect the shift in attitude and the changes in how people with any differences, psychological and physical, are portrayed and accepted into society.

In other words we can be informed and proactive and have fun- because our future looks great!

We hope you will all agree our new image, “Face It”, our new website, and our new, more open attitude is a wonderful platform for our children and young adults to face the path ahead.

Of course you’ll still find all the practical information you need as new parents, children, teens, adults or professionals on this website, but most importantly you’ll feel that sense of belonging, of being part of a larger community who cares about you and your family.