Resignation of the CEO

It with some sadness but a lot of gratitude for his efforts that we announce that Kenny Ardouin is resigning from his roles with Cleft New Zealand. As you know, Kenny has been involved with Cleft New Zealand for over 10 years now, including in formal employment in a part time capacity for almost 3 of those years.


In Kenny’s words……….

“Cleft New Zealand is an organisation supporting a great cause, and values which truly resonate with me, and so it is with the heaviest of hearts that I tender my resignation in order to accept a position externally.

In order to assist with as smooth a transition is possible, I will remain with Cleft New Zealand until the end of the year, with my last actual day of work being Thursday 24 December 2015.

Whilst I will continue to be involved in Cleft NZ in volunteer capacities from time to time in 2016 and beyond,  I am relinquishing all formally held titles from the end of the year. Cleft New Zealand, the families, volunteers, health professionals and wider cleft community will always hold a special place within my heart, and are a group I will never stop advocating for.

I have had some truly amazing experiences throughout my time at Cleft NZ and I am infinitely grateful to Louise and the boards of the last few years who have fuelled my various passions and enabled events such as youth camps, bottles for Cambodia/Indonesia/Vanuatu programme, roadshow and awareness days etc. to kick off, and so naturally, I have very mixed emotions about moving onwards.

Thank you to everyone, especially our team of regular, dedicated volunteers who make this organisation what it is – it certainly is a team effort, and has been a real pleasure working alongside you all.

Even though there will be plenty of opportunity to communicate this more personally before I leave, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all and the organisation, all the very best for the future.


Kenny Ardouin
Chief Executive Officer
Cleft New Zealand”


Louise Ayrey
Acting Chairperson
Cleft New Zealand