Testimonies from the 2012 Roadshow

What others had to say about the 2012 roadshow

Got some feedback about the roadshow? Email roadshow@wptst.cleft.org.nz

“Hi Kenny, I attended the bullying talk yesterday in Christchurch. Congratulations on a great seminar! I was very impressed with the Cleft Roadshow and wish you all the best for your trip. Well done!” – Kate

“Huge congrats to Kenny and everyone else involved in the Roadshow! Wellington pulled out a stunning day! Kenny your passion and committment to the organisation and the cause is astounding! Keep up the great work!” – Jen

“Thanks for today…my wife & I appreciate the support & time given to this venture. A great initiative. It”s also great to have the “Face it” logo & what it means out there in the public domain for cleft awareness. Well done team & it was a pleasure to meet Kenny too.” – Marcus

“Awesome to meet you today, Riley & Adrienne :D”

“Was great meeting you 🙂 thanks for an awesome event. You are a credit to the cleft community kenny.” – Jessica

“Just been and visited the roadshow in Napier and wanted to say what a fantastic idea and well done to Kenny and everyone else who was involved in organising it and making it happen. Well done Cleft NZ :-)” – Joanne

“Thanks so much for today Kenny. You”re doing a remarkable job. For those of you further north, please make the effort to see Kenny, you”ll definitely get so much out of it. Thank you Kenny for educating people so that clefts really are just a normal part of our society, which in turn is going to help my Liv and everyone else in this group. And also Kenny, thought you”d find it funny that Liv was still

going on and on before bed that you”re both special since you”re clefties and lefties!!!!” – Sophie

“ Was very cool seeing the truck in Hamilton and meeting you Kenny. Thanks so much for organising the event, legend!!!!!” – Anita

“It was great meeting you, and you are doing a great job. Still trying to get B to sign up to the youth page lolz I will keep bugging him heehee” – Rachel

“Thanks kenny it was great to meet you and awesome what you are doing for our cleft kids around the country!!!!!! Have fun in Auckland!!!” – Anita

“The rain didn”t get in the way and the guys did a great job, great information, and mostly just nice to meet with you on your country tour on behalf of us – great job!! well done!” – Lorraine

“Great to meet you ever so briefly today Kenny. Hoping to catch up again before you head back south. :-)” – Kylie

“Kenny, it was a pleasure to spend the day with you on Saturday – and to meet new families and see older families again. Looking forward to helping with the next one!” – Louise

“Great to catch up with you Kenny and what an awesome effort you put into the road show. I think my 7 year old cleft kid summed it up on the way home – “Kenny was really nice to do that eh mum?” – Barbara

“It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. Thank you for taking the time to meet & connect with all the cleft kids. Tom doesn”t say much, but I know he got a lift from meeting you – a boy who looks like him. It was a relief, if that makes sense? We hope there will be more road shows. If so, Tom and our family would love to be involved x” – Kate and Tom

“Thanks for the feedback and well done.  it was great for the patients, community and our service.  your time and effort is much appreciated.” – Megan, CMDHB

“I went on Saturday to Cornwall Park and met Kenny and some other lovely people.  I filled in a membership form and they gave me the blue book… great to go along and meet them and have a bit of a chat.” – Jan