Thanks to MPD Group

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Cleft NZ would like to thank Mick Rose & his team at MPD Group, located in NZ & overseas, for their initiative to support us through their Movember campaign last year.

The funds they raised for us, in excess of $6000, will be put to good use to further the objectives of Cleft NZ in order to deliver direct benefit to all those affected by cleft.

Our purpose as an organisation is “To support & empower pe

ople on their cleft journeys”, and this includes not only people born with cleft but also immediate family and friends, medical and educational professionals, peers and society as a whole.  We seek to do this through information, products, education & advocacy.

 It is through the support & efforts of people such as Mick & the staff at MPD that we can continue to pursue these goals.  We thank them once again for the support they have given, it is much appreciated.